Here are some of the success stories that we have been a part of since NU.YU began. Why not become a NU.YU too

Jamie France

I’ve been a model for many years and so have always had to maintain a very good level of fitness but more importantly my physique has to be in perfect shape as part of my job. I also coach tennis and need to keep my sporting abilities at a high standard. I’ve followed many forms of training systems in the past to get great results and have found that the NUYU systems of training are as good as anything out there. The workouts target every area of my body, are challenging and varied. The nutrition plan is easy to follow and compliment the exercise delivering great results.


I was fed up of feeling sluggish and unfit and was struggling to maintain any exercise routine around my increasing work and family commitments. The NUYU H.I.I.T classes and eating plan seemed to offer something that would provide a full body workout, without impacting on my family or work. The results have been astonishing. I joined the 6 week transformation first but loved it so much have continued 3 times a week. In less than 3 months I had lost 12 inches, my body shape has changed, become leaner and more noticeably more toned.
Classes are 1 hour intensive exercise and I feel I have completed a full body workout. Choice of classes mean I can exercise before or after work 3 times a week without it impacting on my lifestyle. The food plan is excellent, I haven’t once felt I am on a diet I have just changed the way I eat and have continued this since the start and see no reason to ever change. I feel the benefits of the changes every day. Give the transformation 6 week plan ago and you will be amazed with the results. You wont want to stop. You have nothing to loose.


I started out on a mission in 2012 to transform my body and improve my health after having 3 children and neglecting myself to raise my family. I began my journey following a running program which helped me to get started. 18 months into my new lifestyle I hit a Plato and struggled to reach my final goal. A friend recommended contacting NUYU. Since joining NUYU I have reached my body transformation goals beyond anything I could have imagined. Not only have I lost all the weight I wanted to I am happier, more confident and feel like a new person. I have now set myself new fitness related targets which I’m striving to achieve and know that I will with the guidance and support of NUYU. They deliver the full package to ensure that you reach your goals with a fantastic nutrition plan, massage therapy to prevent injury and aid recovery, training systems that are second to none and they also they also support you in creating the right mind-set for success.


I’ve lost almost 6 inches off my waist and another 5 1/2 inches off my hips! I have lost a total of 25 inches. I have nearly cut my body fat percentage in half!


After having my family I came to realise that I hadn’t taken care of my own health and fitness. I began losing weight by dieting, swimming and joining aerobics classes. However I grew bored of the same monotonous routines which were no longer pushing me or challenging my fitness. I wanted to join something that would push me beyond my comfort zone and kick start my weight loss back into action which was also fun and delivered results. Two years ago, a friend recommended NUYU to me and since joining I’ve lost over 2 stone in weight. The routines are exactly what I was looking for: different every time, challenging and very enjoyable. NUYU are the one program I have ever stuck to as they give me everything I could have wanted.


Since Yuliya joined NUYU Wellbeing she had lost over 1 1/2st & 17.3 inches of fat! I have made some key simple lifestyle changes that in combination with the workout has made a massive difference to my overall health & weight loss results. I have really benefited from the additional support and accountability that NUYU Wellbeing provides that helps to keep me on track even when things are tough. My 3 workouts per week enabled me to get rid of stubborn body fat that I just couldn’t lose after having my baby. I have noticed my body shape change dramatically in just a few short months. I enjoy the workouts as they provide lots of variety and progression and I feel great having taken part in a class.

A photo of me at New Year was probably what made me do something. I thought I looked far too big, unhealthy and unattractive.
A friend of mine, who was a NUYU member, told me she was on the programme and she’d had great success and suggested I give it a try. I am so thankful to her for suggesting it & I am delighted with the results so far. I have lost 21 pounds so far and 11 inches overall.
I am enjoying shopping for new clothes, two sizes smaller.

Everyone at NUYU is really nice and down to earth. I’m not a fan of the gym and I need structure to training sessions, which this gives me. Dave is a great trainer, really knowledgeable, supportive, kind and enthusiastic. Dave also helped me out with physio on my leg when I had an injury, meaning my leg healed quicker than it would otherwise have done. This was great as it meant that I could get back to training pretty quickly and not un-do my good work. Dave is consistently enthusiastic and energised. He gives different options for different levels of ability and the classes are different every time, meaning that I don’t get bored or fed up. Any time I have emailed Dave or text him he has always got back to me straight away with good advice and support.

It’s like having a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost. I feel so much better about myself for joining the programme. I was pretty unfit when I started and it was quite daunting. However, it’s the best thing I could have done. I feel more energised and I am determined to achieve my weight loss and fitness goals now. I have never really had confidence in any other programme to say that before. My initial goal was just to turn up 3 times a week for the first 6 weeks – that was as far as I could see at the time. Now having lost 1 ½ stone in 13 weeks, I am confident to say that I will reach my goal in the next 3 months. Even if you have a lot to lose, it is achievable with the support provided and the structure of the nutrition and exercise programme. It can be quite intimidating joining a fitness programme when you have not done anything like it for a while. It is well worth it!!!

I joined the programme because I was feeling unfit, unhealthy and felt a very frumpy 54 year old ! I was always tired with no energy. I felt I was on a slippery downward slope and actually blamed it on my age ! I wanted to feel younger and more sprightly so that I could enjoy my grandchildren.

After 3 months – I lost a total of 19inches (10 of those were off my waist) After 9 months – I have lost a total of 26 inches & 1.5 stones I have dropped 2 dress sizes My body shape has changed – I am more shapely & toned, I feel fitter & healthier and sleep better and best of all the cellulite on my legs has almost gone, I am looking forward to wearing shorts this summer to show off my toned legs I have also enjoyed all the compliments from friends & work colleagues and yes I do feel younger, more confident, and am proud of my new look and wearing more stylish clothes and of course running around with my grandchildren I never actually believed that I would achieve such amazing results.

I enjoy the exercise programme because you can go at your own pace, it is as intense as you want it to be . It is fun & varied – no session is the same . If you have any joint problems Dave the trainer will help you by giving you alternate exercise. Dave is very passionate about fitness he motivates & encourages without being a scary sergeant major !

I feel comfortable with My fellow boot campers they are a really friendly bunch of people of all ages shapes & sizes. I like the fact that nutrition is as important as the exercise – I have learnt a lot from Dave about a good diet – he is always In touch with recipes and tips. My husband asked me how long I was going to be on this diet – my reply was that I am not on a diet ! My healthy diet has just become a way of life. In fact I eat more than I ever did and never feel hungry. I would say to anyone considering joining the programme to give it a go, it is fun and gives great results – you have nothing to lose except for a few inches and pounds !!


A friend of mine had been going to Boot Camp for some time and said that I should come along and give it a go!! Her exact words were “You’ll love it”. I was not sure as at the age of 52 I thought my days of working out had long gone but after more encouragement I went along and have never looked back!! I have lost pounds and inches since starting the programme!! I also have more energy, sleep better and have a far better diet than ever before!!! I have gone from only being able to hold a plank for 28 seconds to now being able to hold the plank for at least 3 mins. The fact that we train outside!!! Also that everyone at the sessions encourages one another, which is a great help. Having a trainer keeps you focused on how to tailor the programme to meet your goals. Definitely do it!! I was unsure but was encouraged to give it a chance. I’m glad I did!!!


I joined NUYU as I had to stop running (due to a knee injury) but wanted to stay fit, whilst building strength and toning. The programme at NuYu was tailored to me, my ability and my needs. I have always been a member of gyms and attended fitness classes but none of them delivered the results NUYU has. The results have been well worth the early mornings and training in the snow!


When Vicky Crook finished the 28 Day Program she had lost 7lbs & over 9 inches of fat! After following the 28 Day Body Transformation Program I was able to achieve my goal of betting back to my pre-pregnancy weight & body. My 3 workouts per week enabled me to get rid of stubborn body fat that I just couldn’t lose after having my baby. I also managed to tighten up and tone all the key areas of my body that needed toning. The methods I had tried to lose inches in the past just didn’t work as well as this has and know I feel much fitter, healthier and more confident with my appearance.