I came across this quote from Anthony Robbins on how it’s important to always know where you’re going. This theory really resonates with me because every single person that has had major success in my bootcamp knew exactly WHAT they wanted to accomplish.

It’s not like they came in whenever they felt like it, and just did whatever… they knew exactly WHAT they wanted their outcome to be and time after time, these people would reach their goals like it was easy.

This makes sense. I mean, once you know what you want.. all you have to do is go get it. The problem is however that most people in life have no idea what they want and what’s even worse is when people DO know what they want, but do nothing about it. It’s like they sit and wait.. and say things like “SOMEDAY I’ll do this….”

Well… Someday is now, and someday is here.

The quotes I came across said “The road to someday leads to a town called ‘nowhere’..”, that’s not a place you want to be in.

So take action… and if you’re asking “How?”, then here’s the answer:

  • You decide
  • Make a decision to NEVER settle for anything less than you can be
  • That you’re not willing to live the way you’re living right now, no matter how good it may seem.
  • Demanding more from yourself than anyone else could possible expect– that’s true power.

See you may not know this, but the word ‘decision’ is originally derived from a latin word meaning ‘to cut off from’.

So when you DECIDE to never settle… you automatically cut yourself off from ANY other possibility. And you have nowhere to go but towards what you want.Events