Muscle Made Easy

Build Muscle & Burn Fat!

Build muscle, burn fat, and create your beach body with our 12 week Muscle Made Easy Program!
We’ve got the workouts, nutrition plan, and coaching systems you need to burn fat, build muscle, and carve a beach-ready physique!

Why This Program Works:

  • Lift To Build: Resistance Training That Will Scorch Fat And Increase Strength!
    Resistance training and lifting weights is the key to creating a muscular physique that looks good. Our program will deliver bigger arms, chiselled abs, and the perfect V shape.

  • Burn Fat Like Crazy With Our Unconventional Cardio Styles: Traditional cardio is boring. Stop walking on the treadmill like a zombie and replace it with our version of cardio that will torch fat and build strength in just 12 weeks. You’ve never done cardio like this!
  • Performance Fuel: How To Build muscle and Drop Fat Quickly! Many people would like to see abs when they look in the mirror, but not everyone knows how to get them. Lean what changes to make to your diet so you can finally achieve that 6 pack.

This programme includes everything needed to transfer your physique and deliver the level of results you have always wanted. Take action now and book your place on our next program!

This programme is only available at specific times throughout the year and to a limited number of people. Our next programme starts Saturday 7th April 2018 to book or reserve your place on our next Muscle Made Easy Challenge, call David on 07880 236 894 or email

You must pre register and complete a Physical Activity Readiness Form before you can attend.

Meet at Sutton Football Club. View map.

The programme includes:

  • 36 Body Sculpting Workout!
  • 12 Weeks Of Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching!
  • A nutrition plan that can be tailored to your requirements!
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