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Discover A Truly Unique System For Achieving Your Health, Fitness & Body Transformation Goals.

It’s time that you stop being frustrated with how you look, feel, and perform, and start taking the RIGHT steps towards achieving your Goals.

Do you beat yourself up about how you look?

Are you constantly judging yourself based on what the scales say?

Do you feel trapped in a cycle of starving yourself to lose weight?

Do you feel unconfident in how you look, feel or perform?

Any of these sound familiar?

If you are battling any, or all, of these things then you need to book FREE consultation!
We will introduce you to a system that has worked for all of our members and that will also work for you too!

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Small Group Personal Training

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High Intensity Interval Training

  • Classes are designed to work the whole body and are suitable for all levels and abilities. We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced exercise options. The group classes are held our studio and we use a mixture of body weight and functional equipment such as battling ropes, resistance training, kettle-bells, sandbags & suspension systems.
  • Each class lasts 60 minutes followed by a 30 minute presentation on key topics related to our system.
  • You must book onto the classes as we only have a limited number of spaces available per class.
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Results Coaching Program

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Find Out How To Flatten Your Ab’s Forever

  • This system can be more personalised to your individual needs: During the consultation we can talk about how train the abdominal area. This is commonly a problematic area and the foundation for most exercises
  • You will learn the real reasons why most people struggle to see results in specific areas of the body. During the consultation we will focus in particular on the abdominal area as this is an area of great concern for most people. If you’re struggling to transform your midsection this information is vital. You’ll get the chance to identify your very own abdominal dysfunctions and then I’ll show you some ways you can address these issues.
  • You must pre-book all consultations in advanced.
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NUYU has worked to refine and develop our nutritional and training programs to not only
create a strong and lean body but also instil confidence in your ability to look, feel and perform at your best.

At the FREE Consultation you will

get the chance to try out one of our group classes, or experience a personal training session that will show you how to achieve results in some of the most problematic areas such as the stomach, thighs and backs of the arms.

We understand that every single person is unique and different and that’s why we have a number of different training programs that suit different needs and abilities. Some people are better suited to a more personalised workout system and so they will fit into our Results Coaching Program working out in our newly refurbished personal training studio. Others will be better suited to our small group training programs and will enjoy our Classes.

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Resetting Your Nutrition
Resetting YourBody
Resetting Your Mind

Not only will you lose fat but you will also:

  • Begin sleeping better

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Clear up your skin

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Finally rid yourself of stomach aches and digestive issues

  • Have endless amounts of energy without energy drinks or stimulants

  • Clothes fitting better
  • And much, much more

Book A FREE Consultation To Find Out More!

This is your chance to attend one of our taster classes and to find out exactly how NUYU can help you achieve your health, fitness and body transformation goals

Our programs aren’t so much about what you will lose…

Pounds, inches, fears and more.

It is more about what you will gain after just 28 days of getting rid of the unhealthy, confidence destroying foods, training in a program proven to get results and instilling confidence in yourself.

Everyone who attends one of our taster classes or consultations will also be entered into a prize draw to win one of three prizes up for grabs.

  1. First Prize: 1 months membership in our Results Coaching Program (value over £300.00)
  2. Second Prize: 2 months Membership in our HIIT Training Program (value £140.00)
  3. Third Prize: 1 months Membership in our HIIT Training Program (value £70.00)

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MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If after 28 days training with us you’re not happy with the levels of results we will offer you a full refund, that’s how confident we are in our training programs. You have nothing to lose!!