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Try this out – it’ll change things!

What are your habits?

Do you eat the same thing for lunch? go through the same exercise routine? fall into bed at the same time each night?

Or maybe you’ve made a habit out of eating whatever looks good, avoiding […]

Can you believe this?

You know when it comes to Weight Loss, it seems everybody goes about it differently…Some do it through diet alone, some exercise at home, at the gym, in a bootcamp, some only do cardio, or some even go […]

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3 questions for you…

A few weeks back I met with a client for a nutrition consultation, and she showed me her entire week of food diaries. The good part was that she was very honest and wrote EVERYTHING down she had eaten…. the […]

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Powerful Stuff

I came across this quote from Anthony Robbins on how it’s important to always know where you’re going. This theory really resonates with me because every single person that has had major success in my bootcamp […]

Stealth Weight Loss: Making the Mindless Margin Work for You!

Chances are you’ve been pulling out some of your spring and summer clothing-those favourite pieces from last year. But if you are like many people, they don’t feel quite as comfortable as they did at […]

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