About NUYU

David Meakin

I left school at the age of 16 with no qualifications and no drive or ambition to make a success of myself. I worked for around 2 years in dead end jobs, one of them being as a porter in a hotel in Sutton Coldfield. Whilst in this role, I was informed that the hotel were to have a health and fitness club opening up in the grounds. Something resonated with me and I pursued a role in the health club. This is where I found my passion for the industry. I invested my own time and money in educating myself and obtaining the qualifications required.

I then spent 10 years working for many big name chains of health clubs and even a number of prestigious sporting clubs where I trained sports
professionals. I have recently been working alongside a team of physiotherapists at the Priory Hospital in Edgbaston. My bank of qualifications has, and continues, to grow as I strive to ensure I am at the forefront of new and effective ways of training. I have studied Sport & Exercise Science, Sports Massage Therapy and trained with some of the industry’s leading experts such as Paul Chek. My thirst for helping clients achieve their goals never dries up. During these 10 years, I began forming my own beliefs of how the health and fitness industry should be helping members but also why they were not being effective. As my frustrations grew, I started to formulate my own beliefs and systems about how to help people achieve their goals. I soon realised that the holistic approach made the most sense. This approach looks at the body as a whole and not only recognises the importance of the physiological, psychological and mechanical factors but also to have real success requires focusing on the mind and body. I started looking for better ways of coaching my clients and noticing what was working the best.

I have now formulated a plan built on my beliefs, experiences and qualifications. I have been able to apply and refine my system over the last few years which has helped many people achieve their goals. I have now formulated a system that gives members simple information that can be applied into any lifestyle that is highly effective because we also offer the support systems along with the workouts that enables members to truly succeed. Our system is innovative in both our coaching styles, programme design and the equipment we use, making the sessions more engaging, fun and successful and what members will quickly realise is that we are building a community that cares and supports one another.

We want to ensure that we can maintain a high level of personal coaching with each participant when they need it. Our focus is on coaching our members, not just providing them with a workout.
Nutritional coaching is a major part of what we offer all our members because if you don’t fuel your body correctly your results just won’t happen. Our focus is on nourishing the body through a balanced nutritional plan. Our national system will be altered to suit each individuals needs to ensure that you achieve your goals in a safe and healthy way.

Here at NUYU we are dedicated to helping you look & feel fantastic. Our holistic Nutrition, Lifestyle & Exercise formula will transform both your health & body shape giving you back your confidence, energy levels and passion for enjoying life. We will help you turn life from being a struggle into an enjoyable journey without limits!

Empowering you to realise and achieve your full potential in life.

NUYU Wellbeing

Here at NUYU, we are dedicated to getting our members fit, lean and toned so that they look and feel fantastic. The benefits of our fitness programs are endless: lower blood pressure, sharper focus, more energy, better moods, lower stress levels and an appearance that you can take pride in every single day.

NUYU offer a wide range of services including; Personal Training in our newly refurbished studio; Small Group Personal Training & H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training) classes using the best training tools available; Nutritional and lifestyle coaching to help you function at an optimal level and holistic therapies to aid rehabilitation and recovery.

We are located at Sutton Town Football Club on Coles Lane, Sutton Coldfield, where there is ample parking, shower and changing facilities and it is a convenient, private and scenic venue for fitness training.

We are here to help you to get the most enjoyment, fulfilment and satisfaction you can out of life by getting you in the best shape possible.

Our Aims

Offering a range of premier services to help our members to achieve life changing results in the areas of health, fitness and body transformation. We provide Large & Small Group Fitness Classes, Personal Training & Nutritional & Life Coaching. Each service meets a different set of members needs from increased motivation & adherence in our H.I.I.T. Classes to a higher level of personal support in our results coaching program, all of which are aimed at suiting a range of budgets. Two years ago, NUYU was just an outdoor boot camp consisting of predominately body weight exercises in a field. We have now progressed to H.I.I.T Classes using the best equipment in our own private setting. We are continuing to invest in NUYU by adding new and innovative equipment and eventually creating our very own, purpose built, outdoor training facility. Our biggest addition has been the newly refurbished Training studio which is kitted out with everything required to obtain the very best results. We also have new office, Sports Therapy room, and meeting room for conducting group presentations.

And that’s not all! We are now working hard and are very much looking forward to achieving our 3, 5 and 7 year business goals which will bring with it many more exciting ventures for our members.


Athletics Coach level 1 June 2005

YMCA Advanced Fitness Instructor June 2005

YMCA Advanced Weight Training September 2005

YMCA Advanced Aerobic Training September 2005

NVQ Level 3 (Fitness) December 2005

HND Sport & Exercise Science June 2006

ASA Swimming Instructor level 1 August 2006


Kettlebells Training (Virgin Active) July 2007

C.H.E.K Exercise Coach October 2008

First Aid Certificate August 2008

REPS Level 4 November 2010

National Pool Lifeguard March 2011

Scientific Shoulder Training October 2010

Premier Master in Personal Training August 2011

Sports Massage Therapy Levels 3 and 4 August 2011

Net Profit Explosion MBA (Masters of Business Administration)

Associated Credentials